Helix Mentorship STEAM Academy’s Corporate Work Study Program

At Helix Mentorship Academy, we’ve introduced an innovative Corporate Work Study Program (CWSP) that sets us apart in Louisiana. Our program, in collaboration with over 25 local business partners, transforms traditional student interns into an empowering educational experience.

A Streamlined Approach

students and teacher working on a classroom project together

  • Our CWSP is designed with the primary goal of benefiting our students. We believe that this internship experience is a vital part of their educational journey, equipping them with practical skills and experiences that will set them on a path to success.
  • CWSP students work as interns and are placed with partner organizations.
  • Sponsoring organizations provide a financial contribution to facilitate this enriching experience.

Local Opportunities in Action

Our students seamlessly manage their studies and interns through: Comprehensive college preparatory coursework over four years. One dedicated workday per week within the four-year Corporate Work Study Program.
Students work in job-sharing teams of four, each contributing five full workdays per month. Their academic schedules are thoughtfully designed to ensure they can work without missing any classes.
Our CWSP delivers tangible, life-shaping benefits: Cultivates positive business relationships, nurtures resourcefulness, and develops marketable skills. Establishes a valuable network of professional contacts, exposing students to diverse career pathways.

Become a Corporate Job Partner

Helix Mentorship Academy’s Corporate Work Study Program welcomes Corporate Job Partners to offer entry-level positions that match the capabilities of our talented students. Our young professionals are adept at administrative tasks, such as filing, data entry, reception, and more.

Benefits for Job Partners

Collaborating with us offers multifaceted advantages:

Enhances Diversity

Enhances diversity by hiring capable students from diverse backgrounds.

Instills Pride

Instills pride in companies as they actively contribute to students’ growth.

Proves Cost-Effective

Proves cost-effective, as a team’s cost is often less than hiring a full-time employee.

Brings Stability

Brings stability to positions and identifies future top talents.

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Explore More of The Benefits

Benefits for Students

Students gain essential skills and reduce tuition expenses through meaningful work experience.

Benefits for the Academy

Our program not only supports our students but also aligns with our commitment to offering a holistic education.

Benefits for Society

By investing in students education, our CWSP contributes to a more skilled and productive workforce in the Baton Rouge community.


Helix Mentorship Academy’s Corporate Work Study Program is a catalyst for shaping the future. It fosters self-assurance, builds mentoring relationships, and unveils opportunities. To learn more about how to become a corporate work study partner, please contact our Director of Corporate Work Study Program, Angelica Collins,  a.collins@helixcommunityschools.org. Join us in cultivating brighter and more promising futures for students and our society.